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The group of creative play

The main purpose of the Group of Creative Play is to develop a place for children free play and their mind, dreams and ideas to flourish. The adults (students) and kids play jointly and create roles of different scenarios. The themes of play that are related to children interests and caring adults who foster these subtle play threads are most important subjects for us.

It is aimed to use as more as possible hand-made materials or toys in play activities. In this way children gradually can understand how the most interesting games or play accessories are created – by themselves.

Children play is filmed constantly and analysed afterwards. All the group members are thoroughly informed about the use of video-taped material. Adults sign an informed consent.

Parents have an opportunity to observe their children with education specialists aside and ask questions that concern them in everyday life. The attendance to the Group of Creative Play is free.

Children are invited to creative play session every Tuesday at 9.00 and stay till 11.30. Their play friends are the researchers of this project and the students of Early Childhood Pedagogy and Psychology programs. Parents may pack some snacks and drink for kids that at the resting moments they could refresh.

Organization of the activities: