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York university researchers team capture important changes on children's brain while they are playing 
Check the idea of  Beau Lotto in his TED talk - What do science and play have in common? 
Contact us through our new e-mail 
TED talk by Alison Gopnik - What do babies think? (no. 16) 
13 October  - new season of the Creative Play group 
25 September  - great play of the Sciene Night in the Play lab.
21 - 22 September - colleagues from Poland, Kazimierz Wielki university and discussion about Erasmus+ project.
17-18 September - our presentation in "World for the Child' conference: Reality and Perspectives of Education"
7-10 September - 25th EECERA conference: Innovation, Experimentation and Adventure in Early Childhood in Barcelona, Spain.

1st September 2015 -  new international Erasmus+ project "Narrative environments for play and learning".