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Dissemination event

On 21st June the final methodological conference of the Erasmus + International Project "Narrative enviroments for play and learning, No. 2015-1-LT01-KA0101-013443" took place at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. The main results were presented. PhD Milda Brėdikytė indroduced everyone with the theoretical background of narrative play. Preschool teachers G. Buivydienė and R. Čepienė talked about practical implementation - the creation of a narrative play world. Researchers and teachers shared insights about the good practice in other countries (England, Finland, Poland). 

We thank all the teachers who came to this conference.

Presentation slides in LT and EN.

Here are some comments after the event:

It was greate to hear from the teachers how they implemented the project. It's great to hear from experts but it was really useful to listen to people who did this for the first time. It made the possibility to use the narrative approach more teachable. 
It was really practical with some theory. I will use some of the ideas in my teaching for sure! Ačiū!